Last day of 2007 n got promoted

December 31, 2007


I got promoted. That’s the moment I have waited the whole year. Thank you Allah Ta’la ge ………thank you very much. You are really very greatest.


Impatiently waitin 4 dis Eid!!!

December 19, 2007

I am sure this Eid would be more and more excited than ever InshaAllah. Apu is coming with her kiddies on this Eid and all cousins would be get together at our home. Due to winter vacations, every one would be available and one more good news……….our office announced one more holiday on 24 so we would have six holidyas šŸ™‚ wowooooo. We have already planned alot of pinics, shoppingsĀ and halla gulla parties. So I am deifinitely waiting for this Eid impatientlyyyyy. Plz come soon ;p

Finally gotta menhga mobile …..

December 17, 2007

I am still shokedĀ  šŸ˜® what I have done. I wasn’t expecting it from myslef. Life was going well without a camera set then why have I bought it??

I am such kind of person who thinks ten times while spending money. And I became more like that after started making money, I mean joing the office šŸ™‚ .Ā  I thought more than ten times and each time I postponed the decision and convinced myslef that mobile is only a source of communication not a luxury. I dont need and I cant afford such a luxry. but……ahhh…….I dont know k kiya hua aur mobile ……

Anywys, I got it. It is really a nice device. Its system is very complicated. Camera result is good. Sounds are superb. Everything is the best. paisay kharchay hein tu zahir hai achi cheezein hi ho gi …………ab tu mai kuch der arsay takĀ aik paisa bhi kharch karnay ho tayyar nai hoon. And that is final.

I saw a dream last nite……..

December 11, 2007

psychesdream.jpgYou would say whats new in it. Actually I am a person who long to see dreams.Ā I dont know its medical reasoning but I hardly see dreams. And unfortunately I forget when awakeĀ what I was dreaming.Ā SmileĀ . I could not but envy those who tell me about their dreams.Ā FrownĀ I would appreciate if some one tells me why is it so??

Anyway last night, i saw a very interesting dream. Reason to share it with you is to explain how much current political scenario isĀ affecting the thinking of common people.


I am standing near a bus stop waiting for my point. It seemed that I am returning from collegeĀ Smile (ah my student life)……. A bus came in and was over crowded. I thought if I missed this bus I ll be late enough. So I tried to get in. There were so many people mostly students , of course I got into the ladies compartmentĀ Smile . I foud it very hard to board in. Anyhow I was through. People were hanging from the doors and windowsĀ and I was thanking of God that I found a space even for standing.

We have just started………Suddenly bus was stopped with a jerk. After some time Conductor informed us that one wheel of theĀ bus broke down and we couldn’t move ahead. He said to everyone to leave the bus. While leaving the bus, we all demanded to return the fare but he refused and forced usĀ  to leaveĀ the bus. Everyone got angeryĀ so am I. But I noticed that everyone was stepping out from the bus without insisting for the fare. And the condctor (batmeez admi) was smiling on that………it made me more angery and I forced himĀ again but he didn’t. It seemed that I didn’t have more moneyĀ CryĀ  (how poor I was) ……..anyway I stepped out.

Standing on the road and waiting again for another bus, I thought that this bus driver and conductor treated us badly and made a real prejudice and that I should raise my voice against this injustice. I started gethering some people around me and convincing them to protest against thisĀ Laughing ………..most of the gals and boys got ready to protest and other followed them. We started protesting on that main road and raising some slogans too. (slogans were very funny I dont want to mention them). But one thing that I noticed that, inĀ those slogans, only one voice was clear to hear that was MINEĀ Cool . Sometimes I raised any slogan, no one repliedĀ Frown but I didn’t stop (proud to be dheet, check my determination).

Then i thought that it would be useless if we would not publicize our protest. Someone from the mob suggested to go to the nearby office of ‘The News’ and we started marching towards the office. We were just going to reach the office………it was clearly visible…….suddenly…………trntrntrntrntrnnnn…………….my alarm rang up!!!!!Surprised

ahhhhh……..And I lostĀ my one and onlyĀ chance to become a famousĀ LEADERĀ Cry

Cheesy Bites vs Tash’s B’day Bash

December 8, 2007

11.jpgOn last Friday, we found ourselves in Pizza Hut for Tash’ s B’day bash. We had decided to check out new pizza ‘Cheesy Bites’. I did not take the breakfast, so I was more hungery than anyone else but umi remained insisted that she was feelin more appetite. Anyway, we attacked the pizza and it was really delicious. We tried it in Tandori chicken flavour thats ‘why it was so spiy…….yummy…….full of cheeeeese……

.although I didn’t eat it much but we enjoyed alot. Waitr was very talkative more thanĀ we areĀ šŸ˜€ …….he irritated us alot….stupid…..then came the photo session. Day ended cheerfully. šŸ™‚ šŸ˜€ šŸ™‚

For those who born on 9….it is all true at least about me :)

December 7, 2007

9.jpgĀ guys are the incompatibles people in the world. You are so strong, physically and mentally. You are often have big-aims. You will work hard and hard to get there. Normally you suffer in the early age from family problems and generally you will have fighting life. But when you achieve what you have done, it’s always a big task you have done! You are so much respected in the community, you are a person who can make a challenge and successfully finish the matter off. You are very naughty in your younger age, often beaten up by your parents and involve in fights and you seemed to have lots of injuries in your life time. But when u grow you become calm and macho type. Love is not an easy matter for you. You are good in engineering or banking jobs coz people always trust you. Your family life is very good, but will have worries over your children. Your such qualities are humanitarian, patient, very wise & compassionate. You are born to achieve targets and serve every one all equally without any prejudice. You are totally a role model to anybody in the world for a great inspiration.

Your Best match 3, 5, 6, 9. Good match 2

Ao meeting meeting kheilein :D

December 5, 2007

Today we played Dear Sir’s fav game…..’Meeting Meeting’…..

That was our monthly meeting which is according to the requirement of ISO…..he insisted on it šŸ˜” aisay hi nai bulaya tha usnay…………meeting lasted for more than one and half hours ghghfff…….but discussion was not bad today. We, Dear Boss and Team, have cleared many confusions……..communication gap was reduced today…….He said that it was his success that we went to Sec to complain against him…..his logics……any way we cleared that we did not go to him by our own, he actually called us.