Today’s activities

February 27, 2008

As mentioned earlier, Dear Sir was on sick leave. He advised me on telephone to look after the Whole department very very carefully. I never understand what type of urgent works I should have to handle. But I really enjoyed today. It was a relaxed and tension free day, may be his absence made it so 🙂

Anyway I did one thing good. I replied H letter officially and CC it to Sec as she has again asked the same feedbak for speech of the president which I had already provided her spending my more than three days. Sir always seems lazy in doing these steps but I thought its a good opportunity to avail it today. So I did it. Now I am feeling really good thinking how much she is irritated……hehehehe…….and now her this activity is in Sec’s notice. That will be all good for our department.

Summers are now just at our doorstpes. I have decided not to wear shawl suits now. I felt really uncomfortable today 😦

I have also written half of my Research Proposal for WTO Report, will inshaAllah complete it tomorrow. And will also do some work on SME article. Two queries are also waiting for me I am getting late in responding them. So tomorrow will also be a packed day and yes yes i did not buy B’s brithday gift yet……so hv to check bazar today……..have to off now


One task done…

February 27, 2008


 So I have completed one task to day. As Dear Sir is on sick leave today……I found alot of time to do my own pending works. One of these works was to arrange the songs which T has sent me. These were more than 15 songs with captions. I heard all of them (of course through my headfones), deleted bad ones, captioned the nice ones and arrange them in a sequence. My head is echoing now………any how I finished one assignment 😀

I am tired of being deceived……….

February 25, 2008

How much I was happy before starting up my career? How much I did respect to others? But the practical life is a dreadful dream for me and I dont want to see it anymore. Please is there some one who can wake me up? is there?

How much it is difficult to face the reality? I cannot see double faces people………I cant………and how much I always misjudge the people? and why do I always try to find some thing good in anyone? I know no one is perfect……..I know I have many things bad in myself but I cant bear it more……I am tired of being deceived……….. 

For the last few weeks, I am really very upset observing people’s behaviour and attitude. How much people are getting selfish? How much they are mean?

I dont understand why……why the money and status are so important?? why?? And I know these questions will remain questions.

I heard the famous quotation “Give and Take” and I always expect to have such practice but my experience is haunting me time by time that this quotation actually means “Take or snatch”. I know everyone is quite busy and it is very difficult to remember every thing. And it is impossible for others to remember what you have done for them. And ‘Thank you’ , forget it. They will never say this to you how much bigger thing you made for them. It is very easy to discard what others do for you.

I am fed with the hypocracy and double cross. I am fed up……really fed up……..

I know I am not a perfect human being but one thing for which I am sured that I never ever forget anyone who does any thing good for me even having lousy memory.

I dont know what crap I have wrote and those who will read this surely consider me a psychic patient. If finding some thing good in others is attached with some mental disease then OK fine I proudly present myself as a psychic patient

My routine now-a-days

February 22, 2008

There is so much work to do. Many things have been started and many are just going to start.

This year started with some very good news and events for which I am really very thankful for Allah Ta’la.

My day starts from 6:00 am.

I am supposed to reach office at sharp 9:00 am, no relaxation and at 8:50 am on Mon and Thu because of assembly which is a new tradition here 🙂

I am allowed to go through newpapers till 9:30.

After that no here and there peeping is tolerated. This condition is applicable only in the presence of Dear Sir 😀 wesay who cares in his presence too. Unfortunately couldn’t find much time for peeping and gossiping (we do paper chat chupkay chupkay : )

Till 5 pm I get fully exhuasted

Reach home at 6:00 pm

Go straight to bed and quickly take a nap

Get up at 10:00 pm

Dinner, gossips with mom or bro, tv or any other item till 12:00 pm

Then start my own personal research work. It usually ends at 2:ooam and then grupp to bed again.

A day ends and starts usually like that.

Why I had created this blog?

February 22, 2008

yea that is the question which I am used to ask myself. I dont find any time to blog or read others’ blog (which I luv to) or leave comments……oh…..

When I created the log I thought I would regularly blog and collect my all special incidents here. But I couldn’t. There are so many special and funny things happengin these days but I am not recording them and soon I will foreget to write them here for my own memory. Anyway mention not……I cannot give time to blogging so I write some lines here it would be enough. That’s all.

Valetine Valentine

February 14, 2008

Instead of thinking on this valentinez day also that I haven’t yet anyone special to wome with I could celebrate this day, we (of course my all gfs) decided to create some on that day. So we did…………exchanginf gifts………..chocolates……hanging out……….shopping……..juice party………pastery party……….snapping………all fun 🙂

The day was ended laughing and laughing.

Happy Valentinez Day to all of my Friends………I love you all 🙂

Why I am smiling?

February 13, 2008

True friends always stand behind you during bad times…

U wanna documentary proof?

 In futre,

check out your marriage album…….

U ll find all behind you 😀

U’s sms……..a reason of smile 🙂