Flower Show at Jinnah Garden, Lahore

March 31, 2008
Last week, we U, T and me visited Flower Show at Jinnak Garden’s Baradari in Lahore. It was a good event. Lahore’s Governor visited the place. Many stalls from universities, colleges and flowers’ nursuries were making the place beautiful. We visited the whole place and got exhusted the sun was at ful boom. But it was a fun out there. 


 For more fun, go to there: http://rebellionthoughts.blogspot.com/

What the hell they are doing?

March 29, 2008

It is heard that New Re-Structuring Plan is once again collapsed. We had almost made up our minds for new Bosses and the new workstations. They cannot do any thing right. I long to check the degrees of so-called new consultant who gets annoyed when asked any question regarding re-structuring plan. What he can do if he is not sure what he wants to do. That is ridiculous and the whole department is feeling like football facing kicks by the management. The situation does nothing rather confusing employees and making them discouraged. How could we perform in these circumstances?

It could be an excuse for the office work a real excuse. But I don’t understand why I am not doing my own work too?? May be it’s the mental exertion that they successfully create in office and that makes me tired even restin at home.

Please Allah gee! make their plans successful. Ameen

I am fed up of being myself

March 28, 2008

Current Mood: Irritant 😡

I am tired of being what I am. I dont know what happend to me? But I really feel restless. I think I am going through a deep depression but why is it so? I dont exactly know. And when you dont know the reason of your sickness, it made you more sick and that what I am.

I could not do my work properly. I dont even remember how many days before deadline of my project has been passed. It is more terrible when i cannot make mind to restart it knowing that I am going to trapped in a big trouble.

That is the proof how i make myself trapped in some thing. I was thinking that most of problem are self generated but I could negate the fact that people around me generously contributed to these and some how I myself welcomed them. Remainings lie in my fate…..ehhhhh…..I want to leave every thing and my oooold desire to leave for Makkah is getting more stronger. I wish i could go there for never coming back.

I am trying very very hard to save myself from disappointment through namaz, quarran-e-paak, hadith, family and friends’ company ,etc etc etc. I think it is only Allah who can make me calm inshAllah and I am anxiously waiting for that time.

The Fashion Spy looked elegant in Sherwani

March 26, 2008

Young lot’s all time favourite, Atif Aslam is honoured with Tamgh-e-Imtiaz by the Govt. at President’s Award Ceremony held on March 23, 2008.


 Everyone got shocked to see him wearing Sherwani. Black Tie (Sherwani) is the mandatory dress for such ceremonies.  And frankly speaking, he was looking so elegant in this dress. The fashion risk taker is remarkably acccpeted and praised in this stunning outlook. 

March 25, 2008


Acting here Acting there

March 25, 2008

CUrrent mood: Nothing Special

Nowadays I am the acting head of our Dept. …..sound funny na 😀 but its true and its irritating. Dear Boss is on so-called sick leave and I have to look after many unwanted things. About his sickness, I am sure he has joined some new place …..hmmm…..good for us but everyone is thinking here that he could not find such good job with more than handsome salary :/ in fact it is true. I think he is doing his own private business in disguise.

To act as head is a fuckin** job. I tell you many of his mistakes and pending work start opening up in his absense which make me to think that he took leave due to these things. yesterday I had to see Sec General and VP due to his pending work and I do my best in spoiling his position hehehe …….I did not have to much as it is already down 😀 and he is also absent today. Sec was telling me that he was coughing arficially on fone. Everyone is going against him. Aur tu aur he was giving me instructions on phone for completing his assignments…..hn karti hoon achi terhan mai bhi 😡

So both of us are acting on our sides. He is acting to be sicked (“he’s actually mentally sick and now physically” Sec) and I am to be an Acting Head 🙂  lets see who will win Oscar :p

Saadat ki Zindagi aur Shahadat ki Maut

March 25, 2008

 Whenever I heard about any suicide bomb blast, my thoughts started rambling for finding some answers related to destiny. Questions which usually came to mind: Does this type of death lie in their fate? or it is just an accidental death? If it is an accidental death then how it could be happened? We belief that nothing can be happened without His consent, then why we call these deaths accidental?

I put all these questions before my sis and she answered all of them after consutling her mentor. It is worthy to mention that her mentor is an renowned Islamic scholar who remains busy in Dars-e-Qurran and my sis is her regular student.

Last night she called me up and we had a looong discussion on this topic. I am going to re-pronounce what she has told me:

As we know that even a leaf cannot move without Allah’s consent and approval. How it could be possible that a person die without His consent? yes it is not possible. Life and death are attributed to Allah Subhana Ta’ala. How would people return to Him?, it has been written in the fate of people. So it is in the fate of those people also to die in such bomb blasts or in any other accident.

Now the question is if it is in their fate then why we do call them martyr (Shaheed)? A very simple answer because Allah Subhana Tala wants so. There are so many people who commit sins as other do but Allah keeps them endeared to Him that He does not want to punish them hereafter or to put them in fire. So Allah call them through such deaths which are considered Shahadat. As we know the accidental deaths are  deadly painful than other deaths because these people face the punishment for their deeds in this life through this pain. One thing important to note that people suffering in deadly diseases also lie in this category as they face their punishment in this life which is temporary.

This explanation is more than enough to satisfy my questions. i know I could not explain it here properly but there alot of thing which I cannot explain in my words.

After knowing the category of these martyrs, my desire for shahadat is getting more stronger than ever.

Aiye Allah! mijhay saadat ki zindagi aur shahadat ki maut ata kar aur mijhay un mai shamil kar ley jinnein Tu azeez rakhta hai. Ameen