Tring Tring……..

April 30, 2008
Me: Hello……..hello…
No one was on the other side. I was totally irritated at that time and my blood was boiling after usual useless discussion with damned boss…..
Me: helloo…baye kaun hai…….
He: Hi…..I am Prince calling from _____ bank.
Me: Prince ??? (I recognized him but i tried to made him feel about his fazool name ;p)
He: yeah…….
Me: so?
He: are you Mr. Boss; sec?
Me: what? (I felt a sudden jump in my BP. I remained suspecious about dear boss that he mgiht mention me as his Sec. oh God it is unbearable)
Me: Look Mr. Prince. I am not his Sec. I am Ast. Director. And we dont have any Sec in this office for any of the boss. understand? (I knew I got really rude while explaining this)
He: oh I am sorry. I am really very sorry. I am surely mistaken. I appologize Madam..
Me: Fine but remember it for the next time.
He: I definitely will madam
He had to discuss some points regarding MoU which was going to sign between our Org and their Bank.
He: I am sorry again.
Me: it’s OK
I thought i was over reacting……….or shayed mai ne boss ka gussa bhi us par hi nikaal diya bechara…..After that, he could not dare to talk to me again. It’s good naa ;p werna is logun se jaan kau choraye…

A bad day….

April 29, 2008

Current Mood: down akka down

One of my chairman complained the President that no one asked him tea. bhooka tea ka ghr se kha pe kar bhi nai ata. Admin officer was called for the explanation and he put all blame on my 😦 . I tried my best to clear myself from this case and they showed that i am cleared but i know i am considered responsible for this. I told them that i sent msg for the tea but no peon was there. ab khud tu nai la sakti thi.

Go to hell with their blames. I damn care of any one. kar lein ju karna hai. It was my last meeting of the month. All went excellent exceopt this one. I hope  this will not happen in future inshaAllah.

On your marks—-Get set—GO……….

April 28, 2008

Current Mood: prioritizing my daily tasks :/

Chalo ge new week started. How damned i am naa, i was thinking that i would be free in the coming week. akka foolish hoon mai bhi…… boss took me with a bundle of assignments. And from morning, i had attended an unscheduled meeting. I think that will be my things-to-do list for today

1-Prepare a paper on Agriculture of Pakistan to submit in the meeting

2-Prepare material related to SME in Pakistan for the brochure (SME mela is banging at my head aur mai kahan tak is say bachu gi 😦 )

3-Write a Executive SUmmary of last meeting on WOmen Entrepreneur

4-Meeting with President (ullu vapis aa hi gaya hai ya aar hoongi mai yaa paar)

5-Meeting of Think Tank (is mai bhi kuch pata nai kiya huta hai i have to submit a paper for it. aur meeting bhi mai ne hi arrange ki hai i dont know what wud happen ya Allah izzat rakhna aaj tu)

6-follow up of Pak-South Africa Business Promotion meeting’s minutes

7-follow up of Large Industry’s meeting’s minutes

And other things will definitely come as day passes…

mai nanni si jaan aur itnay kaam 😦

Extremely busy week…

April 26, 2008

This week remains busy till the end. I will inshaAllah write about the tight schedule as i get free.

One the sadest thing is i an trapped with some dealy damned pimples on my face. yeak specially the one on nose made my nose so fatty. I hope the will be alright in few days

Are you awake?

April 21, 2008

Whosoever is awake (to the material world) is the more asleep (to the spiritual world); his wakefulness is worse than his sleep.


Weekend Hangama

April 21, 2008

Current Mood: more than good 🙂

Yesterday was a really fun day. At morning, mamo and mami visited us as they are going to offer Umrah again MashaAllah for the 5th time. We recall khala’s wording: “Why do you commit so many sins that you have to go for Umrah as compensation”. They stayed more than two hours after a very long time. All of us talked alot, discussed almost every thing and enjoyed alot. After thinking many times, i finally asked mami to bring a scarf cap (bonnet cao) for me. I was not confirm should i ask her or not. But she was more than delighted and aksed me what type of scarf i use to wear? 😀 it means she will bring some scarf along with cap yupeee…….They are leaving at 23rd and will inshaAllah come back after 37 days trip. THey will also visit Jordan and Syria……………mami was so excited and i am more to think about my scarf. They did not leave yet but i have started waiting for their return.

At noon, my laundry period started which ended at 4pm. THen i cooked delcious chicken karhai. I liked it alot but A was considering it as a sweet dish dont know why. He remain complaining whatever i cook.

At 6:30, we left for phups’s home as muneeb (phupo’s grand son) truned 1. Every one was so much excited to have me (dont know why). After pointing out others, i realized that yes it is true that i have been visiting a pure family function after a very long time 😮 it was fun out there. Although no one of my fellows was there (as everyone got married and settled in others cities) but still i enjoyed the function.

We returned at 10:30 at night. I got deadly tired and rushed to the bed after doing some remaining things.

Weekend ended with fun 🙂 and em ready for the tiring week now.

Shattered and now little bit relieved..

April 19, 2008

Current mood: feeling sorry

Captain Hushaiyar died. Yes he died two days before. I couldn’t believe it at first. It took some time to believe. He was a very nice, kind and caring person. He always treated us like his daughters. He acted to be generous father. He was not in my department but he was a part of my org. We will all miss him. May Allah forgive him and rest him in peace. And give strenght to bear this loss.

Two days before his death, a peon of his department met me and told me that captain sab was sufferin from hepatitis C which is was diagnosed a month before and it was at its last stage. I was shocked. He asked me to inform uzma (who is studying in London at that time) about his suffering. I said OK. DUe to my tight schedule and damn lousy memory, i couldn’t contact her. I did not understand how much life can be short.

I lost my belief in life. There is nothing uncertain  except life. Uzma might to talk to him at his last breath. DUe to me she couldn’t. I hate myself and curse myself. Yes it is a cry over split milk. How much irresponsible i am?

I informed uzma about his death. She was very shocked and couldn’t believe that. She told me that she was aware of his suffering but she also could not contact him. I said sorry to her. She consoled me by saying that it is all Allah’s will, we cannot do any thing in it. It might be written i would not talk to him. 

But i cannot completely relieved of what i had done. This blunder would take me on.