Have to postpone my car plan………

April 16, 2008

I think i would have to postpone my car buying plan this year too.  The same old story. I am trying to get admission in MPhil from last two years. In lahore, there is no reputed to institute for economics. Although i had submitted admission forms in many universities but i am backing it off.

I have made a secret plan. yeah that same plan of getting admission in QAU Islamabad. I know papa will create some problems but i think its the time that he Will have to agree now. And i think he is getting prepared for it.

For this secret plan, i would need at least two lakhs Rs (i do not stay in hostel). I have estimated that if  i  would have to save at least 10,000 per month. Its a huge task…..ahhhh….but i would have to do this inshaAllah. But yes car remains in my list but after the MPhil. It is not easy to forget the car plan as i had save alot for it could not upto it for some certain reasons. And if Khuda na Khuasta i could not make to QAU, my looong time dream, then i will quit this MPhil and will try to get in abroad simple. but not at all in lahore.

So i am on saving mission and will on till my plans come up. No shopping, no party, no pizza and no burger………“save money, build future” 🙂 its my moto now. Andof course my plans will come true if Allah wants.