Weekend Hangama

Current Mood: more than good 🙂

Yesterday was a really fun day. At morning, mamo and mami visited us as they are going to offer Umrah again MashaAllah for the 5th time. We recall khala’s wording: “Why do you commit so many sins that you have to go for Umrah as compensation”. They stayed more than two hours after a very long time. All of us talked alot, discussed almost every thing and enjoyed alot. After thinking many times, i finally asked mami to bring a scarf cap (bonnet cao) for me. I was not confirm should i ask her or not. But she was more than delighted and aksed me what type of scarf i use to wear? 😀 it means she will bring some scarf along with cap yupeee…….They are leaving at 23rd and will inshaAllah come back after 37 days trip. THey will also visit Jordan and Syria……..wow………mami was so excited and i am more to think about my scarf. They did not leave yet but i have started waiting for their return.

At noon, my laundry period started which ended at 4pm. THen i cooked delcious chicken karhai. I liked it alot but A was considering it as a sweet dish dont know why. He remain complaining whatever i cook.

At 6:30, we left for phups’s home as muneeb (phupo’s grand son) truned 1. Every one was so much excited to have me (dont know why). After pointing out others, i realized that yes it is true that i have been visiting a pure family function after a very long time 😮 it was fun out there. Although no one of my fellows was there (as everyone got married and settled in others cities) but still i enjoyed the function.

We returned at 10:30 at night. I got deadly tired and rushed to the bed after doing some remaining things.

Weekend ended with fun 🙂 and em ready for the tiring week now.


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