On your marks—-Get set—GO……….

Current Mood: prioritizing my daily tasks :/

Chalo ge new week started. How damned i am naa, i was thinking that i would be free in the coming week. akka foolish hoon mai bhi……..my boss took me with a bundle of assignments. And from morning, i had attended an unscheduled meeting. I think that will be my things-to-do list for today

1-Prepare a paper on Agriculture of Pakistan to submit in the meeting

2-Prepare material related to SME in Pakistan for the brochure (SME mela is banging at my head aur mai kahan tak is say bachu gi 😦 )

3-Write a Executive SUmmary of last meeting on WOmen Entrepreneur

4-Meeting with President (ullu vapis aa hi gaya hai ya aar hoongi mai yaa paar)

5-Meeting of Think Tank (is mai bhi kuch pata nai kiya huta hai i have to submit a paper for it. aur meeting bhi mai ne hi arrange ki hai i dont know what wud happen ya Allah izzat rakhna aaj tu)

6-follow up of Pak-South Africa Business Promotion meeting’s minutes

7-follow up of Large Industry’s meeting’s minutes

And other things will definitely come as day passes…

mai nanni si jaan aur itnay kaam 😦


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