Tring Tring……..

April 30, 2008
Me: Hello……..hello…
No one was on the other side. I was totally irritated at that time and my blood was boiling after usual useless discussion with damned boss…..
Me: helloo…baye kaun hai…….
He: Hi…..I am Prince calling from _____ bank.
Me: Prince ??? (I recognized him but i tried to made him feel about his fazool name ;p)
He: yeah…….
Me: so?
He: are you Mr. Boss; sec?
Me: what? (I felt a sudden jump in my BP. I remained suspecious about dear boss that he mgiht mention me as his Sec. oh God it is unbearable)
Me: Look Mr. Prince. I am not his Sec. I am Ast. Director. And we dont have any Sec in this office for any of the boss. understand? (I knew I got really rude while explaining this)
He: oh I am sorry. I am really very sorry. I am surely mistaken. I appologize Madam..
Me: Fine but remember it for the next time.
He: I definitely will madam
He had to discuss some points regarding MoU which was going to sign between our Org and their Bank.
He: I am sorry again.
Me: it’s OK
I thought i was over reacting……….or shayed mai ne boss ka gussa bhi us par hi nikaal diya bechara…..After that, he could not dare to talk to me again. It’s good naa ;p werna is logun se jaan kau choraye…