Before and after wearing glasses

October 30, 2008

Ā Isn’t she look good? šŸ™‚Ā 

This is Zaima, Uj’s daughter, my cousin and close friend. She is almost three years old. She could not speak clear but she does not bother and keeps talking with you whether you understand her or not. She is very active and sharp baby. I call her ‘Phirky’.


I remained embarrassed the whole day :/

October 30, 2008

I swear that’s not only my fault. He andĀ Chairperson were also responsible.

Ok now the story. As I have mentioned before that I am organizing a Program on business support services. In this regard, I contacted Care International Org asking them for their participation. I tried my best to trace the resource person but couldn’t. They told me that they would contact further. But did not contact me so I thought they are not interested. That’s not my habit to beg others for participation. Chairperson can force them but I couldn’t. I closed their chapter at my end.

now the chairperson constantly remained in contact with that resource person and insisted him to attend the event without my knowledge.

Anyhow, she has rescheduled the date of the program to first week of November. I informed all the interested participants. I had plan to extend a general invitation to all others. yes yes I informed the interested ones and i did not inform HIM. Chairperson did not inform him too. And he the stupid man came all the way from Islamabad to attend the event on previous date. He came to me and asked pleasantly’ what’s the program’?Ā I was like what? which one? where?Ā I took him to the separate meeting room and briefed him aboutĀ the recent situation. In a separate room as if he wanted to shout at me, no body can hear. I was really ambarrassed and appologized more than ten times. He was also ambarrassed as he should confirm before leaving his place. He called chairperson in my presence. He was looking at me like he wanted me to leave him alone but I did not. I know if I whould have left him he would have surely complained against me. I kept a strict eye on him thats why he had to talk to her carefully.

For most of the time, I do not give much time to my visitors. But I gave him more than an hour. He told me that he was in Kabul and now their org is in process to start a program regarding development of women entrepreneursĀ with the coordination of USAID. He was called USAID as USA id while we call it US Aid. Dont know what’s the real word but one is the same thing.

I toldhim how much I know about women entrepreneurs and how much I am eager to promote them…….hahahaha…….yea I am becoming little clever na. He seemed very impressed with my emotional speaches and I acted fully to be an emotional pie. ;p

I showed him our whole office from basement to 4rth floor. He was quite impressed. He left after an hour with taking my promise that I would help him whatever he needs in launching his program. I will šŸ™‚

Whatever’s fault it is,Ā I was emabarrassed and my attitude towards him was like compensation my others fault. That’s not my fault. He should confirm the program before coming to lahore. bughtay ab by air ticket ka kharcha. And she, the chairperson, why didn’t she told him about the new date if whe really wanted him to be here at the Event? She and He are both responsible. I am absolutely innocent.

T and u were kidding me that he would have killed you if were a male. So thank you God for making girl šŸ™‚

Protected: An attempt to jump out of depression

October 28, 2008

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Let me cry please!

October 25, 2008

I am fully trapped and over burdened in these days. I could not understand to which task I should give more preference. Article on Trade Deficit of Pakistan is important and urgent according to Director as it should be published on website until 1stĀ November. The Open Day Program needs my complete attention and focuss and emergent preference according to the Chairperson (bad demagĀ aurat). Analysis of Investment Policy of Pakistan is a crucial project and it’s a matter of my survival in this Org according to K (She’s right). GS would complain agains me to the President, ifĀ heĀ does notĀ get theĀ minutes of Cottage Industry by today. J has prepared such poor poor minutes. His anrezi is damd bad even than mine. SMEDA and TDAP need their letter before their next breath.

Trapped, trapped, fully trapped šŸ˜¦

After a long long time, I met her :)

October 23, 2008

Yeah that was a surprise for me. On monday morning, we was just busy in make a extract of major market and economic news, the routine work, Suddenly IĀ saw a lady entered in our department holding a sleeping baby in her arms. I threw a glance, then moved to screen again. A though stroke my mind; I hadĀ seen her somewhere’.Ā  Oh It was Shm. I was in mixed feelings of shocked and happiness. It was after more than five year that we saw each other. Her little baby gal was so cute. She kept sleeping and did not wake up on my pinching.

It was another surprise that Anaya (baby’s name) is her third child. My God, 5 years of marriage and three kids. But she was totally at peace. I know she is expert in baby sitting. She looked after her younger siblings very well.

Hey Shm! I admit that many times I tried to breakup with you for some reasons. But meeting with you on monday tols me how much I missed your smiles, your gossips, your fazool jokes, etc etc. Love you yar!

She was shocked to see me. Calling me ‘aray tu tu janati lag rahi hai, kitna noor aa gaya hai teray chehray par after wearing scarf’….. hahaha you and your explanations. She told me that i am getting much weaker than before. She didn’t change but yeah she looks mommy mommy now.

When sheĀ  met Ta and Um, I realized that I should not call them here as shm told them many secrets of mine….one of them was that I was called ‘Chota Don’ in college. hahaha I laughed alot to remind k mai kiya kiya karti rahi hoon college life mai ya Allah I felt really ashed to think that I did not bother to observe veil. That’s very bad and I thank God that I have started it now.Ā  We recalled our Physical Education’s clas the only class which was fun for us.

She left soon as her husband is having fracture in his leg and he is on sticks nowadays.Ā We departed with the promise that we would have a lunch soon with all of her brood.


October 13, 2008

After a long long time finally I fell ill. The causes of my disease were unknown but my mom is confirmed that it is due to someoneā€™s buri nazar. Hehehe I really feel better when she says ā€˜app log manein na manein issay eid par nazar lag gai haiā€™. I love my mum.


The Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) was diagnosed. I never heard about the disease before having it. ā€œThe cause of irritable bowel syndrome is currently unknown. IBS is thought to result from an interplay of abnormal gastrointestinal (GI) tract movements, increased awareness of normal bodily functions, and a change in the nervous system communication between the brain and the gastrointestinal tract. It has been suggested that IBS is caused by dietary allergies or food sensitivities, but this has never been proven. It occurs more often in women than in men, and it begins before the age of 35 in about 50 percent of peopleā€.


My fever touched to hundred four. My whole body was aching. Sometimes I was forced to think that some one might have brutally beaten me with a mota danda. Sometimes I got exhausted same as having a bitter soccer game. I donā€™t understand why every thing is still dancing around me. My brother was saying that I look like a ghost. But I am not at all fed up with my bemari. I somehow wanted somewhere to get ill.


I did not eat for many days. I have lost my precious 10 kgs. I hate myself of being a thin girl. The shivering is still out of control and sometimes I still feel difficult to inhale deeply. I hope to recover soon inshaAllah.


In the whole bemari period, I missed two things at most the ā€˜Zinger Burger and Chicken Fajita Pizzaā€™. Now I feel that I would never be able to eat my fav foods. How could a life be spent on liquids?


I have joined office today but could not understand how to hold my focus on things. Everyone wants to know the detail of my disease. I tell you app itna bemar hokar kamzoori mehsoos nai kartay jitna dusrun ko bata bata kar kartay hein k aap ko hua kiya tha. I feel sicker of telling everyone what was happened to me. I have received hundred of advices of regaining my lost vigor and I am sure that half of them would make me more sick. I do not know what crap I have written.


Anyhow, I thanked all of them who prayed for me. Thank you very much for your best wishes.


Back at work!

October 9, 2008

I suffered more than ten days from damn fever which turned to be Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It was so severe that I could not eat, drink or even sleep. My whole body ached in such a way that I felt that some one had beaten me with danda. Sometimes I felt that I am a soccar player and just came back after an exhausted game and could not stand on my foot. But any how the time has been passed and thank God I am fine now.

When you fall ill you have nothing to do except thinking. I thought alot how a man leads an active andĀ energetic life with all his spirits. He thinks that this vigour is his own created and he can make things possibleĀ at his own.Ā Then suddenly he falls ill to that extend that he thinks himself a little kid who cannot stand on his feet and cannot feed himself. In such state, man comes to know how much his vigour depends on Allah. He cannot not moveor even breathe without his permission. His health is in His hand and his sickness is from Him. It is He who makes us ill and then makes us healthy. It is the sickness that brings a man close to Almightly.

I again thank to Allah that HeĀ brought me to theĀ healthy lifeĀ again šŸ™‚