Chinese – A humble Nation

Few days back, I went to hospital for some tests. When I came out of hospital, I saw a Chinese standing on a bus stop, which was just in front of hospital. He threw a familiar glance at me but I didn’t understand whether I met him before or not.

Anyhow I went on my way and I saw him catching a very over crowded bus. I reached my office after some shopping. When I was walking to the office, suddenly some one ran behind me calling;’ Excuse me ma’am’. Oh that was the same Chinese with a smile. He went on:


He: Assalaum Alaikum
I was shocked and couldn’t reply for sometime. He started walking with me to the office.
He:” mauf kijiay ga aap tu shaid mijhay nai janti lekin mai nay apko dekha hai yahan”.
Another shock, he was speaking Urdu fluently. We got into the elevator. He quickly pressed the button of my floor.
He: “aapka department issi floor par hai naa”?
I nodded. I don’t remember any suicide attack by any Chinese, so I was at ease.
I: Sorry mai nay aapko pehchana nai”?
He: That’s alright. I can understand that there are so many people visiting here regularly. How could you know all of them? I actually come often here. I saw you working here. Today I have a meeting with Mr……..(one of my most senior colleagues).
He was constantly smiling. I do not like those who smile while talking. His obliging smile was irritating me. Then he lowered his gaze and did not say any thing further. I think he knew that I was constantly watching him. We can never guess about the age of Chinese people. They look ever young. He was wearing faded jeans which I thought was blue when it was bought. His dress shirt was also very clumsy. The most attention grabbing thing were his joggers. Oh my God they were dusty and seemed very old. He was not carrying any things (diary or file) and he had come to attend a meeting. I thought he might be my boss’ friend. After two hours meeting, he waved me and went out of the department.
I called my colleague for taking the whereabouts of that Chinese. He told me that he is among the largest exporters of garments to the world. He started his company from scrap and now he has developed it like an empire. He is dealing with more than 20 countries and now he is going to set up a factory in Pakistan. That’s enough for me to be shocked. He doesn’t look like a big businessman. He was very humble in all his gestures. I do not believe that a big businessman can travel through a local bus.
What about the Pakistani businessmen? Before setting up their business, they consider it obligatory to have a big bungalow and few gigantic cars. They think that expensive suiting would show their status and position. They do not leave any opportunity where they can show off their wealth. Humbleness, forget about it. With the money that they extravagantly spend on their so-called status could be better used in expanding their business but who can tell them.
We have a close liaison with Chinese businessmen. They walk and work freely in our office. Some times I doubt that they are employed here. They are very gentle and kind irrespective of their business status. Their humility, hardworking and sincerity to work are the keys to their success.

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