What is your sect?


“Young generation is getting closer to the religion than their parents were. They think more logically and practically. They practice religion in its pure meaning” This is what I usually hear from elders. A question always arises in my mind, is it really true or just a fallacy?   

My parents think that their kids are more religious than they were at the same age. My father says that he learns many new things even about religion from his children. It’s not the only thinking of my parents, my uncles, aunties my parents’ friends share same thinking about their children.   

Apparently, it is good to learn that new generation is inclined to Islam. But there are always two sides of the same coin.   

People think that it was the 9/11 which had started the surge towards religion. Or some say it’s a new fashion or it’s the boredom towards the materialistic world or it might be the only thing which can help them to digest their failures and depression. Whatever the reason is, it is true that people of all ages (not only young) are coming towards religion excessively.   

Now what happens usually, we decide one day to start understanding our religion. Instead of consulting Holy Quran and Sunnah (PBUH) first, we try to find out any scholar or preacher who can elaborate religion for us. Here comes the reason behind the creation of different sects for which I am writing this Buzz.   

People keep indulge in the interpretations of different scholars and Imams. I do not know much about scholars and Imams but what I know is the Quran and Sunnah that preach the brotherhood among Muslim Ummah. How does information come to us; from Molvis—-Scholars/Ulemahs—Imams—Ahadieth/Sunnah—-Quran. It’s a channel which we follow. I call it a vicious circle in which we remain trapped our whole life. Our source of information should start from Quran but many times Quran is left far behind.   

I noticed many new Mudarrssahs around which are increasing rapidly. I am not accusing any Mudarrssah for any vested interest. It is good to have Islamic centers where we can go freely and ask for Islamic knowledge and guidance. Here, I am only concerned about the distorted religion which some of the Mudarrassahs are spreading. You call it my lack of information that I do not know those Mudarrassahs which are serving in real terms.   

From last few months, I am observing some of the Mudrassahs and their students very closely. I am amazed to notice how exceptionally and intensively the sect culture is growing day by day. It is unfortunate to know how proudly they pronounce their sect not their religion Islam.  Have you ever visited any Mudarrassah? I would suggest you should try once. If anyone tries to enter these Mudarrssahs, they would ask you first; ‘Who has referred you here? ‘What’s your sect’? You would not be allowed to enter if you do not belong to their sect. You would be warmly welcomed if you do not follow any specific sect or if you do not have much knowledge of these sects. People with lesser knowledge are easy to be brainwashed. These Ullemahs with their half-baked knowledge trap people especially young and do such an excellent brainwash that these people start considering themselves correct and all others Kaffir. Young generation is the real target.   

Many times I get speechless when some one asks me suddenly in any discussion ‘What’s your sect’? I usually reply ‘I am Muslim and I follow Quran and Sunnah’. They insist ‘We do follow but which sect or belief do you follow to understand Quran and Sunnah’? My question to all remains; ‘Do our beloved Prophet (PBUH) has ever mentioned any sect he belongs to’? And I am called an astrayed Muslim. I know these people call me Kaffir in their hearts too. Some of the Imams and scholars have divided us and their followers are making it more intense.


My brothers and cousins tell me often how these Islami brothers/sisters try to convince them about their sects and invite them passionately to come to their Mudarrassahs. They insist to visit them just for once. And when some one enters once he cannot leave them ever. I have been also told that some of sects have prepared some books on specific topics of Quran. They insist people to read and understand these books only as Quran is not understandable to everyone.   

Allah says “And We have indeed made the Qur’an easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive admonition?” (Al Qur’an 54:17,22,32,40).   

They have forgot the meaning of this Ayah. They have created a distance between Quran and us. It’s in our nature that we cannot stay away from Holy Quran for a long time. We starve to ending this distance and in this struggle these so called Ullemahs fill the gap with their own beliefs and sects and divert our struggle far from the real Islam.   

I do not negate the role of Islamic scholars but we should try to understand Quran first, if we do not get clear on any topic, Ahadeith and Sunnah are here to guide us. And if we remain unclear on any point, then we should consult interpretations of those Imams and Ullemahs whose preachings are close to Quran and Ahadieth.   

In such discussions, my father advises me often ’Do not hesitate to consult any Imam and Ullemah. Do not think that these scholars would take you towards the opposite path. Listen all but do whatever your heart says. Allah has put an alarm in our body in form of heart which would automatically tell you what’s wrong and what’s right’.

I am not refraining anyone from going to Mudarrassahs. My point is that we should consult Quran and Ahadieth first before going anywhere. Make yourself clear on basic beliefs. I am sorry to observe that some of these Mudarrasahs are distorting our fundamental beliefs. Try to understand the real spirit of Islam. Islam does not divide us into categories or sects. These sects have no right to consider everyone inferior who does not belong to them. It is only Taqwah which categorizes us. I respect all the Imams and great scholars of Islam. May Allah reward all of them. But I feel no respect for those who distort their real preachings and divide Muslim Ummah into subcategories like Hinduism. 

So just keep your alarm activated while visiting Mudarrasahs or any scholar.


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