I have been moved from here.

January 26, 2009

For some reasons,  I have been moved to http://rebellionthoughts.blogspot.com/ . I love this blog alot. I would not completely stop posting here. It would remain my very personal blog forever.

So people who visit me here, do check my other blog.

Cya there 🙂


Death Bed

March 11, 2008

The old man lay dying

He rested assured

He was on his way

To the land of the pure

He thought of his lord’s bounties

That lay for him in store

Nothing had he done that would be cause for remorse

Hadn’t he been kind to God’s creatures

Thus begetting kindness in return?

He had given alms to the poor

And freed the slaves

Night and day in the lord’s presence

He’d stood and prayed

Content in these narcissistic thoughts

By a call he was startled awake

Get up oh sinner; get up on your feet

There is much that needs to be done

You took from the world more than wealth

More than wealth you shall return

Yes day and night you prayed to save yourself

But never strived to save even your nearest ones

The wealth you leave to your kith and kin

Shall bind them, enslave them, and bring them perdition

Yet the greatest wealth will die with you

The wealth that might have won for you and them- salvation.

(Courtesy Buzzvines. <http://www.buzzvines.com/get>)