After a long long time, I met her :)

October 23, 2008

Yeah that was a surprise for me. On monday morning, we was just busy in make a extract of major market and economic news, the routine work, Suddenly I saw a lady entered in our department holding a sleeping baby in her arms. I threw a glance, then moved to screen again. A though stroke my mind; I had seen her somewhere’.  Oh It was Shm. I was in mixed feelings of shocked and happiness. It was after more than five year that we saw each other. Her little baby gal was so cute. She kept sleeping and did not wake up on my pinching.

It was another surprise that Anaya (baby’s name) is her third child. My God, 5 years of marriage and three kids. But she was totally at peace. I know she is expert in baby sitting. She looked after her younger siblings very well.

Hey Shm! I admit that many times I tried to breakup with you for some reasons. But meeting with you on monday tols me how much I missed your smiles, your gossips, your fazool jokes, etc etc. Love you yar!

She was shocked to see me. Calling me ‘aray tu tu janati lag rahi hai, kitna noor aa gaya hai teray chehray par after wearing scarf’….. hahaha you and your explanations. She told me that i am getting much weaker than before. She didn’t change but yeah she looks mommy mommy now.

When she  met Ta and Um, I realized that I should not call them here as shm told them many secrets of mine….one of them was that I was called ‘Chota Don’ in college. hahaha I laughed alot to remind k mai kiya kiya karti rahi hoon college life mai ya Allah I felt really ashed to think that I did not bother to observe veil. That’s very bad and I thank God that I have started it now.  We recalled our Physical Education’s clas the only class which was fun for us.

She left soon as her husband is having fracture in his leg and he is on sticks nowadays. We departed with the promise that we would have a lunch soon with all of her brood.


My obssession to ring doorbells

March 7, 2008

doorbell.gifYou might consider it childish but I love to enjoy some childish things even at this age 🙂 .  Yes I love to ring others doorbells.

If I recall, my this hobby started when I was a little gal 🙂 . At the beginning my younger bro and I were used to do so. Our neighbors remained complaining about it. We were so famous for this activity in our locality.

I do remeber that I learnt bicycling very earlier. ‘A’ was a little baby and he did not have any company, so it was my duty to accompany him in every good and bad. It is also a fact that all bad things did happen due to me.  I dont know but he was a shy boy and I was his bold elder sis, I always had to protect him every where. It would be not wrong if I call myself ‘mai munda’ 😀 . And I do look like boys.

Anyways, I used to ride bicycle with A and went for long distant ‘sair’. In this sair, we were used to ring others’ doorbells. We were obssessed about it. I dont know why.

My craze remain as it is even I started going to university. We all friends used to ring the doorbells in college residential area. I do remember once I put my finger on a doorbell of one of my professor and his pet dog started barking from the bushes. We got so scared that we run screaming 🙂

This hobby does not finish yet. So what if I joined the office, it doesn’t mean my nature should change as well. I do enjoy this hobby whenever I get the chance.

Valetine Valentine

February 14, 2008

Instead of thinking on this valentinez day also that I haven’t yet anyone special to wome with I could celebrate this day, we (of course my all gfs) decided to create some on that day. So we did…………exchanginf gifts………..chocolates……hanging out……….shopping……..juice party………pastery party……….snapping………all fun 🙂

The day was ended laughing and laughing.

Happy Valentinez Day to all of my Friends………I love you all 🙂

Tall or what……..

February 11, 2008

Last week, we went for a quick but long walk in the lunch break and thought to check the juice corner again. yea the same shukha guy juice wala……..he it was the second tym that we had to come to his shop after checkin other one day before whose juice was really very bad. So we decided to try it again and his shokhi smile was showing that we were here just becoz of him………hn………..although he is intolerable person with bogus jokes but he makes a really very nice, fresh  and tastely juice…… have to bear him……..he started maked juice and we sat there and started talking.

Meanwhile, two gals passed before us and also started placing their order. T, U and me looked them from head to foot, then saw each other and smiled.

Me: yar are they really tall or they only seem to us tall as we are sitting and they are standing?

U: oho if you really want to know then go to them and we ll check it

T: yes yes dont worry we ll measure exactly

Me: awein mai udher jaoon aur woh mih se kafi lambi hoi to meri tu kachi ho gai naa

U: nai nai jao bara shok aa raha hai kachi karwanay ka

Juice came and we started drinking but keeping an eye on those gals.

Me: any how, it doesn’t matter how much tall they are but for that I am sure we look more graceful then these two heighted gals. seriously…….

U: hahaha are you sure na?

Me: yes I am :/

T: nai ge we are of reasonable height ladies. These gals are actually extra ordinary tall thats why they are looking odd

Me: but this is confirmed that we look really good with what we are 🙂

And we kept laughing to recall it till now 🙂