A man without hands

March 11, 2008

I saw him few months ago. He was trying to eat a corn (sitta). I can’t explain in words but his struggle to hold the corn in his elbows and to set it in the right direction to eat was really very frightening and pathetic. I felt my tears on my hands and I thanked Allah for such priceless gifts.

I am used to see him daily as he sits in my way to office. He does not look like a beggar in his appearance. He usually dresses up in neat and clean white shalwar kammez. He looks smart with the beard and in his white joggers sitting on a brick. At first sight, you cannot judge that he is not having his both hands. Yes he is a handless guy. He looks very thin and but decent young man in his 30s. Despite all of his sensible looks, it is a bitter reality that he is a beggar. It seems that he does not belong to a beggar type family but he is helpless to do so which is clearly visible from his facial gestures. Those who want to give him something have to put money in his pocket. Or most of the times, he has to stand up and go to the people to collect money. But he does all this with a smile. One day, I was really surprised to see that he was smoking lol agar haath nai hein tu kiya hua enjoy tu kiya ja sakta hai naa

Whenever I see disable people like him, the first thought that comes to my mind is that Allah has created such people to make us see what He has given to us and what He can do with others? I feel a cold wave to think that I might be at his place and he might be at mine. But if my notion is right, then why these people are put in such a miserable situation just to give us a lesson? But what is their fault in all this? Only to make us learn that how much we are thankless to His blessings? Or is there any other logic to which I can’t reach yet. But one thing, which pinches me whenever I see these people that Allah, is still telling me how much I am thankless. Allah Ta’la gee! I thank you millions of time from the bottom of my heart for every thing I am bestowed and please forgive me as it is very difficult to take all this any more.