Weekend Hangama

April 21, 2008

Current Mood: more than good 🙂

Yesterday was a really fun day. At morning, mamo and mami visited us as they are going to offer Umrah again MashaAllah for the 5th time. We recall khala’s wording: “Why do you commit so many sins that you have to go for Umrah as compensation”. They stayed more than two hours after a very long time. All of us talked alot, discussed almost every thing and enjoyed alot. After thinking many times, i finally asked mami to bring a scarf cap (bonnet cao) for me. I was not confirm should i ask her or not. But she was more than delighted and aksed me what type of scarf i use to wear? 😀 it means she will bring some scarf along with cap yupeee…….They are leaving at 23rd and will inshaAllah come back after 37 days trip. THey will also visit Jordan and Syria……..wow………mami was so excited and i am more to think about my scarf. They did not leave yet but i have started waiting for their return.

At noon, my laundry period started which ended at 4pm. THen i cooked delcious chicken karhai. I liked it alot but A was considering it as a sweet dish dont know why. He remain complaining whatever i cook.

At 6:30, we left for phups’s home as muneeb (phupo’s grand son) truned 1. Every one was so much excited to have me (dont know why). After pointing out others, i realized that yes it is true that i have been visiting a pure family function after a very long time 😮 it was fun out there. Although no one of my fellows was there (as everyone got married and settled in others cities) but still i enjoyed the function.

We returned at 10:30 at night. I got deadly tired and rushed to the bed after doing some remaining things.

Weekend ended with fun 🙂 and em ready for the tiring week now.


Flower Show at Jinnah Garden, Lahore

March 31, 2008
Last week, we U, T and me visited Flower Show at Jinnak Garden’s Baradari in Lahore. It was a good event. Lahore’s Governor visited the place. Many stalls from universities, colleges and flowers’ nursuries were making the place beautiful. We visited the whole place and got exhusted the sun was at ful boom. But it was a fun out there. 


 For more fun, go to there: http://rebellionthoughts.blogspot.com/

The Fashion Spy looked elegant in Sherwani

March 26, 2008

Young lot’s all time favourite, Atif Aslam is honoured with Tamgh-e-Imtiaz by the Govt. at President’s Award Ceremony held on March 23, 2008.


 Everyone got shocked to see him wearing Sherwani. Black Tie (Sherwani) is the mandatory dress for such ceremonies.  And frankly speaking, he was looking so elegant in this dress. The fashion risk taker is remarkably acccpeted and praised in this stunning outlook. 

Valetine Valentine

February 14, 2008

Instead of thinking on this valentinez day also that I haven’t yet anyone special to wome with I could celebrate this day, we (of course my all gfs) decided to create some on that day. So we did…………exchanginf gifts………..chocolates……hanging out……….shopping……..juice party………pastery party……….snapping………all fun 🙂

The day was ended laughing and laughing.

Happy Valentinez Day to all of my Friends………I love you all 🙂

Pizza Party by force!!!

November 2, 2007


Unfotunately, EId Millan party was canceled at office. Everyone was annoyed as all were dressed in their eid dresses including us. Unintentionally, everyone decided to have lunch outside as no one was ready to eat the same daal rooti in new dresses and no one had brought lunch tomorrow.


Umi, Tash, B and I decided to go to pizza hut. Althoug umi and I are totally fed up with pizz stuff but we had to go there due to Tash and B…..kiya kiya karna parta hai friends k liay……After great difficulties, we got a CNG rickshaw who brought us for CND station first then to pizza hut on the speed of 5 km. We were left with 30 minutes so we quickly ordered to pack a Tandori Pizza. We had to wait there at sofa which were placed in a corner. SHakira was singing ‘My hips dont’ lie’…..The salad counter was placed near us. Two black foreigners were preparing the salad. We were notice them that they were preparing salad at the level of the plate. We are used to make a mountain of salad……hehehe….so it was interesting to see…..one of them truned to us and say something. We didn’t understand. I guessed he some thing in urdu. I asked: ‘Gee?’ He repeated. I took it as ‘salan tu ley lu’. hahaha….i noded my head with a very artificial smile. When he had gone, B told us that he was sayin’ Salam tu ley lu’.  We were laughed alot and scolded that at least she should say salam to him.