Islamabad is under attack again!

September 24, 2008

“A suicide truck bombing destroyed the packed Marriott Hotel in the city of Islamabad, Pakistan, on Saturday night.

People were still trapped in the hotel, which burst into flames after the explosion caused a natural gas pipe leak, officials said. The fire was still burning at 2 a.m., six hours after the blast, according to The Associated Press.


Rescuers worked to move bloodied bodies from the hotel but were forced to stop out of fear that the structure could collapse.

Details and the number of fatalities are still unclear because of conflicting initial reports. Officials said one or two vehicles was involved in the attack”.

Marriott Hotel before bomb blast

The news struck all of us and left us speechless. The Live coverage is still haunting me.Oh my country is burning. I cannot take this anymore. Who these people are? How these people are convinced to sacrifice their own life? How these people take the lives so many innocent people? Do they know how many curses they received from the poor grieved relatives of dead people?

 They are not Muslim. A true Muslim can not kill himself and others. They are the astrayed people. I wish they could learn in their life what they would get hereafter for their brutal act.

 May Allah give peace to the souls of all deceased persons and give patience (Sabr) to all their relatives and also show them the right path to these astrayed people. Ameen


The Punjab Govt. took over 400 flourmills

September 10, 2008

To ensure smooth supply of flour at government approved rates during Ramazan, the Punjab Govt. has taken over 400 flourmills deploying Food Department officials and Police to monitor operations of the mills.

 The action has been taken by Mr. CM on the request of district government and the Punjab Food Department to resolve the flour issue. The government has to take the decisive action when owners of flourmills refused to issue atta on govt.’s subsidized rates even in Ramazan. Now flour is available at subsidized rate of Rs 300/20 kg.
 The mills’ representatives declared this as an ‘occupation’ of private businesses and alleged that district government officials had harassed them through the police.
 They have created artificial shortage of flour to increase its prices. They deserve such an action. It is shocking to learn that they have refused to supply flour at subsidized rate in this holy month. It is the tradition around the world that merchants put up things of daily use on sale when any religious or national event arrives, but the situation is totally different in Pakistan. They take this holy month as a month of making profits for the whole year. 
 Not only flourmills, other consumer items also need CM’s attention.

Ramzan kay rang…….. Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain kay sang

September 10, 2008

With noorani chehra,
With stylish jerky vocal,
With trendy beard which keeps on changing and
With chic kurtas,

This is the Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain, the doctor (dont know in which discipline), the scholar and the expert in all affairs of life who is used to hijack GEO during Ramazan.

Democracy Within Our Reach by Mr. Asif Ali Zoordari, a grieved man :(

September 10, 2008

“My children and I are still mourning our beloved leader, wife and mother, Benazir Bhutto.”

“I spent nine years in prison as a hostage to my wife’s career and to my party’s future…..I wish I could do it at my wife’s side. Now I must do it in my wife’s place”.

“I want to help complete this process. I owe it to my party and my country but above all to my wife, who lost her life striving to make Pakistan free, pluralist and democratic”.

“If I am elected president, one of my highest priorities will be to support the prime minister, the National Assembly and the Senate to amend the constitution to bring back into balance the powers of the presidency and thereby reduce its ability to bring down democratic governance”.

“I will work to defeat the domestic Taliban insurgency and to ensure that Pakistani territory is not used to launch terrorist attacks on our neighbors or on NATO forces in Afghanistan”.

“stand with the United States, Britain, Spain and others who have been attacked”.

“I hope that my own democratic election Saturday will seal the victory of democracy over dictatorship and, at long last, allow our country to defeat the terrorist threat and address the people’s needs”.

Who has drafted this article?

A hypocrite or a double-faced man

September 10, 2008

Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan is a very learned lawyer, a great orator and an impressive activist. I really like his spontaneous and blunt way of talking. His stanch struggle shook the nation and created a soft corner in their hearts. His determination is truly remarkable.

His struggle is against the government who is not willing to restore the previous judiciary. He is strongly criticizing the government’s recent act of reappointing the judges of their own choice.

But “Zardari is still his leader and he would like to die instead of leaving the PPP”.

 And “his commitment to the lawyers’ movement would continue till his last breath.
 He says that his struggle is against the government not against his party. As far as my knowledge is concerned, his own party is in power. Then with whom he is fighting against?

The contradiction of his views is confusing me. I am not convinced by any of his argument. I have no other choice except calling one of my favourite personality a ‘hypocrite and a double-faced man’.

Dr Shahid Masood PTV Chairman Pay Package Announced by PPP

September 10, 2008

The Establishment Division on Monday issued an ambiguous notification explaining the package and remunerations of the newly-appointed chairman-cum-managing director of the state-owned Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV).

The salary and perks goes as:

  • Salary: Rs. 700,000 per month (with annual raise of Rs. 50,000)
  • House Rent: Rs. 150,000 per month
  • Utility Allowances: Rs. 25,000 per month
  • Free mobile phone, two residence telephones and one fax
  • Business class tickets for national and international travels.
  • Recreational allowance, according to the situation.

He will be paid Rs 50,000 extra to that of the package of the previous MD as he would also hold the office of the PTV chairman.

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