October 13, 2008

After a long long time finally I fell ill. The causes of my disease were unknown but my mom is confirmed that it is due to someone’s buri nazar. Hehehe I really feel better when she says ‘app log manein na manein issay eid par nazar lag gai hai’. I love my mum.


The Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) was diagnosed. I never heard about the disease before having it. “The cause of irritable bowel syndrome is currently unknown. IBS is thought to result from an interplay of abnormal gastrointestinal (GI) tract movements, increased awareness of normal bodily functions, and a change in the nervous system communication between the brain and the gastrointestinal tract. It has been suggested that IBS is caused by dietary allergies or food sensitivities, but this has never been proven. It occurs more often in women than in men, and it begins before the age of 35 in about 50 percent of people”.


My fever touched to hundred four. My whole body was aching. Sometimes I was forced to think that some one might have brutally beaten me with a mota danda. Sometimes I got exhausted same as having a bitter soccer game. I don’t understand why every thing is still dancing around me. My brother was saying that I look like a ghost. But I am not at all fed up with my bemari. I somehow wanted somewhere to get ill.


I did not eat for many days. I have lost my precious 10 kgs. I hate myself of being a thin girl. The shivering is still out of control and sometimes I still feel difficult to inhale deeply. I hope to recover soon inshaAllah.


In the whole bemari period, I missed two things at most the ‘Zinger Burger and Chicken Fajita Pizza’. Now I feel that I would never be able to eat my fav foods. How could a life be spent on liquids?


I have joined office today but could not understand how to hold my focus on things. Everyone wants to know the detail of my disease. I tell you app itna bemar hokar kamzoori mehsoos nai kartay jitna dusrun ko bata bata kar kartay hein k aap ko hua kiya tha. I feel sicker of telling everyone what was happened to me. I have received hundred of advices of regaining my lost vigor and I am sure that half of them would make me more sick. I do not know what crap I have written.


Anyhow, I thanked all of them who prayed for me. Thank you very much for your best wishes.