When a mother lost her son

September 22, 2008

“Yes I am grieved but I had prayed for that. I could not see him in such a deep pain. It was unbearable for me. He was such cute little baby of less than a month. I could not imagine he was having an incurable disease. I could not see him taking his last breath. He is surely in peace now. May Allah bless him”. I could not stop my tears but she was not weeping at all.  She tried to console me by saying “it is better for him to return from where he had come. That is the peaceful place for him”. 

 I was utterly shocked to see her in high spirit. I tried hard but not a single word came out off my mouth. I stared her telling details of her son’s death. I listened her saying “I will offer nawafil for shukrana that Allah has eased his pain”.

Uj is in fact my mother’s cousin but she is younger than I. She, A and I spent our childhood together. She got married in quite young age. Abdur Rehman was her second child after a doughter. He had a whole in heart by birth and obstruction in intestine. He did not survive.

She suffered in her whole pregrancy. She needed extra oxygen many times as she fell unconscious often. WIth such new technology and all modern equipment, doctors could not judge the situation of the baby. After such a long suffering, what did she get? Nothing…….

She was telling me that she was thinking that every thing would have been completed in her life after his birth. But Allah only knows what’s better and what’s not.

She is much younger than I. I could not understand that from where she got this spirit. I heard a voice from inside ‘She is a mother who cannot see her child suffering’. If a mother loves her child like that, how much Allah loves us as He says that He loves us more than 70 times than our mothers.

May Allah keep the little baby in peace and give Sabr to Uj. Ameen.