Islamabad is under attack again!

September 24, 2008

“A suicide truck bombing destroyed the packed Marriott Hotel in the city of Islamabad, Pakistan, on Saturday night.

People were still trapped in the hotel, which burst into flames after the explosion caused a natural gas pipe leak, officials said. The fire was still burning at 2 a.m., six hours after the blast, according to The Associated Press.


Rescuers worked to move bloodied bodies from the hotel but were forced to stop out of fear that the structure could collapse.

Details and the number of fatalities are still unclear because of conflicting initial reports. Officials said one or two vehicles was involved in the attack”.

Marriott Hotel before bomb blast

The news struck all of us and left us speechless. The Live coverage is still haunting me.Oh my country is burning. I cannot take this anymore. Who these people are? How these people are convinced to sacrifice their own life? How these people take the lives so many innocent people? Do they know how many curses they received from the poor grieved relatives of dead people?

 They are not Muslim. A true Muslim can not kill himself and others. They are the astrayed people. I wish they could learn in their life what they would get hereafter for their brutal act.

 May Allah give peace to the souls of all deceased persons and give patience (Sabr) to all their relatives and also show them the right path to these astrayed people. Ameen