Democracy Within Our Reach by Mr. Asif Ali Zoordari, a grieved man :(

September 10, 2008

“My children and I are still mourning our beloved leader, wife and mother, Benazir Bhutto.”

“I spent nine years in prison as a hostage to my wife’s career and to my party’s future…..I wish I could do it at my wife’s side. Now I must do it in my wife’s place”.

“I want to help complete this process. I owe it to my party and my country but above all to my wife, who lost her life striving to make Pakistan free, pluralist and democratic”.

“If I am elected president, one of my highest priorities will be to support the prime minister, the National Assembly and the Senate to amend the constitution to bring back into balance the powers of the presidency and thereby reduce its ability to bring down democratic governance”.

“I will work to defeat the domestic Taliban insurgency and to ensure that Pakistani territory is not used to launch terrorist attacks on our neighbors or on NATO forces in Afghanistan”.

“stand with the United States, Britain, Spain and others who have been attacked”.

“I hope that my own democratic election Saturday will seal the victory of democracy over dictatorship and, at long last, allow our country to defeat the terrorist threat and address the people’s needs”.

Who has drafted this article?